Lil Kim VS . Nicki

Random Disclaimer : Let Me Just Say Im Tired Of This Just As Much Of The Next Person, But This Still Gave ME Life

You know something ? You Nicki Minaj fans are mad delusional , I dont understand how you can watch the video’s and NOT pause at the fact that your favorite rapper stole EVERYTHING from another female rapper while dissing her? The thing about Nicki Minaj that I cant understand is , how could she possibly think that “paying homage” to Lil Kim equals stealing all her shit ! At the same time saying shes going to fill her shoes.. Personally, I think everything about Nicki Minaj is flaw as hell her whole career was created off swagger jacking and you niggas are supporting it.

The thing that BLOWS me is how y’all tell Lil Kim to shut up about it , get over it ect but the majority of y’all know if someone stole YOUR shit and then had the nerve to diss you at the same time , you would be pretty upset. Some shit is unacceptable , this is one of those things, all that shit talking, all that biting, came back to bite nicki in the ass, and I personally think Nicki needs to apologize .. She needs to say sorry , because she made it seem like Kim was crazy the whole time.. when in reality she is .. those videos were creepy . It was CREEPY how much Nicki mimicks Kim .. Shes Out Of Line. I dont care what Team Minaj says.